I’m Paul, a writer from Melbourne, Australia. I came to writing via the letters and postcards I sent to family and friends when I was young and travelling.

In those letters and postcards I found my ‘voice’ and formed the practice of setting down in written words my deepest thoughts and feelings.


It was a lovely start for a writer: intimate, particular, direct and natural. I wrote my mail in cafes, bars and libraries, and felt at home.

To this day, I still derive great satisfaction from lifting the lid on a public post box and depositing a letter to somewhere else.

It was my habit then, and even now, to conclude my mail with the words “a drink in thought”: to imagine my reader with me, sharing a beer or a glass of wine.

When the time came to name this site, “a drink in thought” was the obvious choice. I want to share what I have found on my travels through the world of wine – to share with you a drink in thought.